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About Attorneys On Call

In 2004 a law firm looking to differentiate themselves from competing firms agreed to a weekly talk show on AM radio.  The afternoon drive program featured the senior partner paired with a talk-show moderator providing free legal information to callers.  The public need and demand for trustworthy legal information became clear.


The show caught the attention of a TV general manager who combined a successful formula for locally produced programs with the idea of providing free legal information in a weekly television format.


The program featured the firm’s attorneys, guests from a wide range of expertise and knowledge, as well as, former clients for whom the firm had concluded a claim.


The results are up and beyond anyone’s expectations!  With nearly two-hundred original half-hour shows produced airing over six plus years....we continue to reap the rewards of this unique law firm marketing strategy.


You too can enjoy the benefits with our marketing formula for success by becoming Attorneys On Call in your market.

How We Can Help You

We've Got A Better Mouse Trap  

Law firm advertising is everywhere....people are bombarded by :30 second attorney television & radio commercials, outdoor billboards, and page after page of yellow page ads in multiple directories. After while, it all looks and sounds the same.

How do you rise above the dull roar of attorney advertising in the minds of consumers? The answer is Attorneys On Call.

Attorneys On Call allows the audience to know you as competent professionals who care a great deal about their clients.....a message that is impossible to convey in :30 second radio and TV spots.

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  Become THE Source For Legal Information
Attorneys On Call allows the audience to know us as competent professionals who care a great deal about our clients...a message that is nearly impossible to convey in regular TV spots.
Bob Whitley

Senior Partner
Whitley Law Firm