Silver Bullet

Why has one law firm called Attorneys On Call...

“The Silver Bullet of Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing”

Because no other law firm marketing program ‘engages’ future clients so well.

Future clients are ‘engaged’ as viewers of the Attorneys On Call television show before they ever know they need your services.  They become ‘engaged’ with your Attorneys appearing on the show to provide free legal information in your areas of practice.  

They become ‘engaged’ with former clients appearing as guests who tell about how they went about choosing and selecting your law firm to represent them and the first class service they received.

They become ‘engaged’ as your client when they, or a loved one, finds themselves in need of the legal services you provide.

Customer engagement and Attorneys On simple can’t accomplish this through any other marketing program.

Successful Stories
  The Go To Firm
When injured people seeking legal help have seen Attorneys On Call and call our firm...they are not looking...they want to hire us.
Bob Whitley

Senior Partner
Whitley Law Firm