What is Attorneys On Call?
Attorneys On Call is a marketing program for personal injury law firms.

Why is Attorneys On Call effective?
Attorneys On Call employs one of the most effective marketing techniques of ‘humanization’.  Humanizing your message makes a connection and builds a relationship with future clients in a personal way, something that is nearly impossible to do in  :30 second TV commercials.

Does Attorneys On Call Replace :30 Second Commercials?
Attorneys On Call is not a replacement strategy but rather works in synergy with other media. That ‘synergy’ creates a result greater than individual marketing and advertising plans may produce alone.  

Is there more than one Attorneys On Call law firm in a market?  
Attorneys On Call is offered exclusively to one law firm in each television DMA.  

Can we license Attorneys On Call in more than one market?
Yes.  Many law firms practice in larger geographies across several TV markets and use Attorneys On Call in all of them.

Is the name Attorneys on Call trademarked?
Attorneys On Call is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office Registration No. 3,519,768.

How Can I Get More Information?
Click here to link to our ‘contact us’ form.
Email us at AttorneysOnCall@me.com .
Call Mike Weeks at 252-721-0470.

Successful Stories
  Let Former Clients Tell Your Story
Attorneys On Call provides a forum to have former clients as guests to explain the process of their claims, the obstacles they faced, how they selected us and why they would refer others to us. No other marketing tool allows you to do this.
Bob Whitley

Senior Partner
Whitley Law Firm